Hey Bandcamp, thank you for the treasure hunt!

On the other day, I got an email notification from Bandcamp about a newly released album from a band I followed. I went to the bandcamp.com site, and there was “We’re hiring in design and engineering!”. Out of curiosity, I checked what their job ad looked like.

In the very end of the job description there was “To apply, check the HTTP headers.”. Oh, a treasure hunt!

Usually, when I browse a site I check page source too, for no particular reason. I have this thing. Sometimes one can find interesting things in it. You could guess now what I did. Yes, I let myself hijacked from my original intent. I immediately got hooked, and I enjoyed their game so much! Not to mention how much I learnt meanwhile.

This also could be an example of why you should start using browser developer tools.

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The Phoenix Project – My Takeaways

The book tells the story of how collaboration is built between IT and business in a company which has reached the point in its growth, when the size of the company became a problem and is suffering from lack of collaboration between teams, a blame culture, imposing tools over collaboration, power games, etc.

Reading the book we can learn a lot about Kanban, Improvement Kata, Continuous Delivery,  Risk-Adjusted Value Model, Chaos Monkey and many more.

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Testing without knowledge?

Given a complex application to test
When have deep knowledge about the application and the domain
Then more high severity issues can be brought to the surface in time

Not every company can afford to let their customers test the application. If customers found high severity issues, that looked bad.
The increase in the tendency of regression issues reported by customers release by release is an indicator.

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Desperate need for a good test management tool

I am surprised how sketchy test management tools are out there. I can compare the feeling when one makes an evaluation on test management tools and makes a decision on which one to use to choose between the two hands to bite off.

Definition of good is: fits my needs.

What are my needs against a test management tool?

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