Comments Don’t Substitute Conversations

When there is so much in one’s head, and it comes to writing a comment, the writer might think that all the information is provided in that couple of sentences that are composed and added as a comment to an issue. Or it can happen that the comment writer is not good at writing, doesn’t know how to tell a story, how to put some sentences together so that the reader gets the right picture out of those lines.

Jira comment fields are text areas. When we add a new comment to a ticket, the size of the comment text area is not that big, which implies the length of the comment text. As if it whispered that ‘hey, just keep your say short’.

However, a few people spend their time on writing verbose comments for an issue. I have seen such comments and appreciated the time and effort spent on providing that much of information. Generally, Jira comments are not essays, and a lot is expected to be understood from a very little information, or with little context.

I have noticed that Jira comments had evolved their unique writing style, which is a weird mixture of persuasive, narrative, and expository.

When you come across with a comment which doesn’t provide enough information for you or makes you confused, what do you do?
a) pass over the ticket to someone else
b) find the commenter and ask questions

I would like to think that most of you answer with the latter one.

Recently I have been asked for some help, to read a comment on a ticket, and if I could understand what the comment meant. I read the comment and felt that I missed the context. I replied that, sorry, I didn’t understand the comment either and at that time I opened up Slack and started to write a DM to the commenter.

Why should the reader find out what is in the commenter’s head? It is better to clarify things instead of making assumptions or burning time.

Although the comment feature encourages people to have a conversation over an issue, it doesn’t substitute the DMs or real-time conversations.

Do ask for clarifications, do ask questions, have real-time conversations!

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