Oh, Those Lovely Interviews

I have been browsing through the recent job postings for different QA roles lately, and I realized that there is only one thing in which these postings differ from each other – and this is the stack listed. And maybe the company description which tells us how great that company is, like they have bean bag chairs, table tennis, video games, etc.

I understand that it is not easy to write a job ad that stands out, from which I could predict that ‘yes, these people really know what they are looking for in a candidate.’

Nevertheless, one applies. What can go wrong? One might ask.

Well, a lot!

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Best Five #1

I thought it was high time to start noticing and revising each month for 5 things in work that was special for a reason, be it because it helped my work, or I enjoyed doing it, or anything else.

So here are the 5 best things of May:

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