How to thrive as a Web Tester – My Takeaways

Once we buy the book How to thrive as a Web Tester: Thoughts on how to thrive as a Software Tester and over 30 ideas to guide your web testing by Rom Lambert we not only get a copy but a support website page as well, which is a collection of links to all the useful tools that are mentioned in the book.

The book itself can be divided into two parts – as the subtitle anticipates.

The first half of the book is more about how to thrive as a Software Tester in general.

My favourite quote, the strongest takeaway for me is in here, in this first part:

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The Phoenix Project – My Takeaways

The book tells the story of how collaboration is built between IT and business in a company which has reached the point in its growth, when the size of the company became a problem and is suffering from lack of collaboration between teams, a blame culture, imposing tools over collaboration, power games, etc.

Reading the book we can learn a lot about Kanban, Improvement Kata, Continuous Delivery,  Risk-Adjusted Value Model, Chaos Monkey and many more.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow – My Takeaways

I have learnt many new things from the brilliant book by Daniel Kahneman, though I’ve found it hard to read. This post is to sum up my key takeaways.


There are two ways how we think. Decisions made can be based on the fast, automatic thought process (System 1) or on slow, more rational and logical thinking (System 2).
There are benefits of both systems, the problem is when we use System 1 where System 2 would be more appropriate to be used.

This is where we arrive to biases.

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